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Aviation Hobby Shop - Europe's Aviation Mega Store!

Eric Hammel's Pacifica Press

Prophet's WWII Aviation Booklist

Luftwaffe Aviation Gallery, by Tony Belobrajdic

The Luftwaffe Resource Page

Italian AF in WW2, by Ferdinando D'Amico and Alexander Pramstrahler

Bert Hartmann's Database of the German Luftwaffe from 1939 untill 1945 (German)

Jimmy Hatch's Me262 Resource Page

Stopped at Stalingrad, by Dr. Joel S.A. Hayward

Bender Publishing Ltd.

Claes Sundin & Christer Bergström's Red Star- Black Cross

Claes Sundin & Christer Bergström's LUFTWAFFE FIGHTER ACES

Warbirds, Warriors & Steam, by Randolph S. White

SOLDAT FHQ: German Militaria, Collectibles and Books, by Cyrus A. Lee

FAF: Finnish Air Force

460 Squadron (Bomber Command), by Gordon Stooke

Biplane fighter aces from the Second World War, by Håkan Gustavsson

Snow Leopard Productions

Randy Wilson: Aviation Historian & Pilot

Dariusz Tyminski's WWII Ace Stories Page

K. N. Chetwyn's Scramble Productions

The Luftwaffe Fighter Page by Randy Tallion

Me163 Web Page by Rob de Bie

Djordje Nikolic's Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe

Jacob's Secrets of the Luftwaffe

Dave Brown's Me262 Page

Mark & Steve's German Militaria & Collectables

Zeno's Warbird Video Drive-In

Vati's Pik As Inn

WWII German experimental aircraft webpage

Richard L. Mendes Art

Ray  Corridon's X-4 Air-to-Air Missile Page

Sturmvogel - European Axis and neutral Air Forces of the Second World War

A Look at the Messerschmitt Bf 109


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