Luftwaffe Officer Candidate U.S.A.A.F. R.A.F.
Flieger - Private Aircraftman Second Class
Gefreiter - Private First Class Aircraftman First Class
Obergefreiter - Corporal Leading Aircraftman
Hauptgefreiter - Sergeant -
Unteroffizier - Staff Sergeant Corporal
Unterfeldwebel Fahnenjunker - -
Feldwebel Fähnrich Technical Sergeant Sergeant
Oberfeldwebel Oberfähnrich Master Sergeant Flight Sergeant
Hauptfeldwebel - Flight Officer Warrant Officer
Leutnant - Second Lieutenant Pilot Officer
Oberleutnant - First Lieutenant Flying Officer
Hauptmann - Captain Flight Lieutenant
Major - Major Squadron Leader
Oberstleutnant - Lieutenant Colonel Wing Commander
Oberst - Colonel Group Captain
Generalmajor - Brigadier General Air Commodore
Generalleutnant - Major General Air Vice Marshal
General der Flieger - Lieutenant General Air Marshal
Generaloberst - General (4 star) Air Chief Marshal
Generalfeldmarschall - General (5 star) Marshal of the R.A.F.
Reichsmarschall - - -



Commisioned Officers
Field Grade
Reichsmarschall RM
Generalfeldmarschall GFM
Generaloberst Genobst.
General der Flieger Gen. der Flg.
Generalleutnant Genlt.
Generalmajor Genmaj.
Oberst Obst.
Oberstleutnant Obstlt.
Major Maj.
Commisioned Officers  
Hauptmann Hptm.
Oberleutnant Oblt.
Leutnant Lt.
Warrant Officers  
Stabsfeldwebel Stabsfw.
Oberfähnrich Ofhr.
Non-commisioned Officers  
Hauptfeldwebel Hptfw.
Oberfeldwebel Obfw.
Fähnrich/Fahnenjunker Fhr.
Feldwebel Fw.
Unterfeldwebel Ufw.
Unteroffizier Uffz.
Enlisted Ranks  
Hauptgefreiter Hptgefr.
Obergefreiter Ogefr.
Gefreiter Gefr.
Flieger Flg.



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