KD4701FW JG26 Low Numbers

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  1. Fw190A-8, Blue 6, W.Nr. 175140, 8./JG26. Found by advancing Canadians propped on nose at Melsbroek, Belgium, Sept. 1944

  2. Fw190A-8, Brown 5, W.Nr. 730995, 7./JG26. Photographed late Spring 1944. Pilot Uffz. Kurt Petzsch killed in this aircraft 25 Aug. 1944.

  3. Fw190D-9, Brwon 4, W.Nr. 500647, 7./JG26. Found partly destroyed Hustedt, germany, 8 May 1945. Note large Ta152 metal tail.

  4. Fw190D-9, Black 3, W.Nr. 210239, 6./JG26. Shot down south of Wesel, germany, 9 Feb. 1945 after combat with 20-25 P-47s. A/C 70% damaged and subsequently "written off".

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