Hurricane in Action

Aircraft No. 72
Jerry Scutts
1986 Squadron/Signal, 50p., SC
ISBN: 0-89747-174-1


Spitfire in Action

Aircraft No. 39
Jerry Scutts
1980 Squadron/Signal, 58p., SC
ISBN: 0-89747-092-3


Typhoon/Tempest in Action

Aircraft No. 102
Jerry Scutts
1990 Squadron/Signal, 49p., SC
ISBN: 0-89747-232-2


Beaufighter in Action

Aircraft No. 153
Jerry Scutts
1995 Squadron/Signal, 49p., SC
ISBN: 0-89747-333-7


Mosquito in Action Part 1

Aircraft No. 127
Jerry Scutts
1992 Squadron/Signal, 49p., SC
ISBN: 0-89747-283-7


Mosquito in Action Part 2

Aircraft No. 139
Jerry Scutts
1993 Squadron/Signal, 49p., SC
ISBN: 0-89747-303-5


Wellington in Action

Aircraft No. 76
Ron Mackay
1986 Squadron/Signal, 49p., SC
ISBN: 0-89747-183-0


Sterling in Action

Aircraft No. 96
Ron Mackay
1989 Squadron/Signal, 49p., SC
ISBN: 0-89747-228-4


Halifax in Action

Aircraft No. 66
Jerry Scutts
1984 Squadron/Signal, 50p., SC
ISBN: 0-89747-158-X


Sterling in Action

Aircraft No. 52
Ron Mackay
1982 Squadron/Signal, 50p., SC
ISBN: 0-89747-130-X


The Great Book of World War II Airplanes

Originally 12 separate volumes

1984 Bonanza, 632p., HC (very fine quality), DJ
ISBN: 0-517-45993-0



Hurricane Aces 1939-40

Osprey Aircraft of the Aces 18
Tony Holmes
1998 Osprey, 128p., SC
ISBN: 1-85532-597-7


Spitfire Mark I/II Aces 1939-1940

Osprey Aircraft of the Aces 12
Alfred Price
1996 Osprey, 96p., SC
ISBN: 1-85532-627-2


Spitfire Mark V Aces 1941-45

Osprey Aircraft of the Aces 16
Alfred Price
1997 Osprey, 96p., SC
ISBN: 1-85532-635-3


Late Marque Spitfire  Aces 1942-45

Osprey Aircraft of the Aces 5
Alfred Price
1995 Osprey, 96p., SC
ISBN: 1-85532-575-6



Mosquito Bomber/Fighter-Bomber Units 1942-45

Osprey Combat Aircraft 4
Martin Bowman
1997 Osprey, 96p., SC
ISBN: 1-85532-690-6



Wing Leader

Air Vice-Mashal 'Johnnie' Johnson
AVM John E. Johnson
1995 Goodall, 320p., SC
ISBN: 0-85979-090-8


Nine Lives

Air Commodore Alan Deere
Alan C. Deere
1991 Wingham, 261p., NC, DJ
ISBN: 1-873454-01-5


Duel of Eagles

Peter Townsend
1991 Presidio, 455p., HC, DJ
ISBN: 0-89141-432-0


Campaigns & Battles

Twelve Days in May

The Air Battle for Northern France and the Low Countries, 10-21 May 1940
Brian Cull, Bruce Lander & Heinrich Weiss
1995 Grub Street, 328p., HC, DJ
ISBN: 1-898697-20-5



The Battle of France May-June 1940
Victor Bingham
1990 Air Research, 249p., HC, DJ
ISBN: 1-871187-07-9


The Hardest Day

Battle of Britain, 18 August 1940
Alfred Price
1988 Arm and Armour, 223p., HC, DJ
ISBN: 0-85368-831-1



The  True Story of the Battle of Britain
Len Deighton
1994 Harper, 363p., SC
ISBN: 0-06-100802-8


The Greatest Air Battle

Dieppe, 19th August 1942
Norman franks
1992 Grub Street, 256p., HC, DJ
ISBN: 0-948817-58-5


The Battle of Hamburg

The  Firestorm Raid
Martin Middlebrook
1984 Penguin, 424p., SC
ISBN: 0-14-023851-4


The Schweinfurt-Regensburg Mission

American Raids on 17 August 1943
Martin Middlebrook
1985 Penguin, 363p., SC
ISBN: 0-14-017947-X


The Peenemünde Raid

17/18 August 1943
Martin Middlebrook
1988 Penguin, 265p., SC
ISBN: 0-14-014963-5


The Battle of Hamburg

The  Firestorm Raid
Martin Middlebrook
1984 Penguin, 424p., SC
ISBN: 0-14-023851-4


The Berlin Raids

RAF Bomber Command Winter 1943-44
Martin Middlebrook
1990 Penguin, 407p., SC
ISBN: 0-14-023817-4


The Neurenberg Raid

30-31 March 1944
Martin Middlebrook
1986 Penguin, 367p., SC
ISBN: 0-14-014668-7


Battle of the Airfields

Operation Bodenplatte 1 January, 1945
Norman Franks
1994 Grub Street, 224p., HC, DJ
ISBN: 1-898697-15-9

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