(Note: this page is very much outdated, both in terms of scoring and volume. Dec. 2003)

Here is a list of my current Luftwaffe book(let) collection. More books will be added as the collection grows. Instead of providing you with mini-reviews I've opted for an easy point system, but some books will have an optional review (under slow construction). If you see a book without a review, or you think that a book deserves a "second opinion", feel free to send in your review, together we can make this page a welcome help for all those interested in the Luftwaffe.

Although this page is called "Luftwaffe Books", its main focus is on the day branch of the Jagdwaffe. If there is any interest for books that are not on the list, but you think they deserve a place on it, please send me an e-mail and we'll include another category of titles.

A preview section would also be something of great interest, but for such a page to succeed I need the support of writers and publishers, in addition there could be a rumor page, which will offer the same, but without official sanction...

My choice
Out of Print / Hard to get Maroon Title
Not English Green Title

I would like to explain some of the ratings:

Fair: a book that might be interesting for a real Luftwaffe Buff might be less interesting for the casual reader. Some photographic chronicles fall under these categories; often they are very nice to look at and the (rare) photographs can be heaven for modelers, hobbyists and (amateur) historians, but apart from this they offer very little information about the Luftwaffe. If a book is rated "fair", it might still be worth it, but I advice you to take a good look before buying.

Mediocre: this not easy to score and a book that does, failed to interest me or was just poor value for money, of course I'm not saying that you shouldn't try, but be warned.

Sigh: I see no reasons to recommend this book and to be honest I dislike it so much I want to share this disgust with all who visit these pages, but being a mild person its almost impossible to get this score and currently there is only one title that really reserved it.

But please always keep in mind that its easy to criticize and give a score, but it is very hard to write a good book, so all these writers and researchers deserve our full respect.

Unit Histories

Red AF

General Tactics

In case you see you a book you might like to have, I'm sorry - I'm not selling, but I highly recommend Paul Gaudette for all your Luftwaffe queries, if he can't get it, no one can! Not only does he have a large collection of in- and out-of-print Luftwaffe books, but also many other military subjects.

If you are interested in the books written by the author Eric Hammel, you shouldn't miss Pacifica Press. Mr. Hammel has written a number of quality books about WW2 aerial combat as experienced by American pilots . If you haven't got them yet - get them, you'll be missing out if you don't.

And finally, but absolutely not least, is the WWII Aviation Booklist, a helpful guide for aviation enthusiasts. This site is meticulously maintained by Dave Williams, also known as Prophet by his friends and the online community of WarBirds, iMOL's multi-player online combat flight sim.


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Prophet's WWII Aviation Booklist

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