General Tactics


Fighter Combat

Tactics and Maneuvering
Robert Shaw
1985 Naval Institute, 428p., HC+, DJ
ISBN: 0-87021-059-9


The Ace Factor

Air Combat and the role of Situational Awareness
Mike Spick
1988 Naval Institute, 208p., HC, DJ
ISBN: 0-87021002-5


Jagdflieger die Grossen Gegner von Einst

Luftwaffe, RAF und USAAF im Kritischen Vergleich
(previously published in English as "The Fighter Pilots", GB 1967)
Edward Sims
1992 Motorbuch, 322p., Laminated
ISBN: 3-87943-115-9



Combat Aircraft of World War Two

John Weal (Ed.)
1977 Arms and Armour, 238p., SC
ISBN: 0-85368-191-0

Note: This book has nothing to do with tactics, but has been listed here as an extra. A fine publication full of handy information on about any type produced in World War II, o/p but a book to look for...


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