P-38 Lightning in Action

Aircraft No. 109
Larry Davis
1990 Squadron/Signal, 57p., SC
ISBN: 0-89747-255-1


P-39 Aircobra in Action

Aircraft No. 43
Ernest McDowell
1980 Squadron/Signal, 50p., SC
ISBN: 0-89747-102-4


P-40 in Action

Aircraft No. 26
Ernie McDowell
1976 Squadron/Signal, 57p., SC
ISBN: 0-89747-025-7


P-47 Thunderbolt in Action

Aircraft No. 67
Larry Davis
1984 Squadron/Signal, 49p., SC
ISBN: 0-89747-161-X


P-51 Mustang in Action

Aircraft No. 45
Larry Davis
1981 Squadron/Signal, 57p., SC
ISBN: 0-89747-114-8


B-17 in Action

Aircraft No. 63
Larry Davis
1984 Squadron/Signal, 57p., SC
ISBN: 0-89747-152-0


A-20 Havoc in Action

Aircraft No. 144
Jim Mesko
1994 Squadron/Signal, 49p., SC
ISBN: 0-89747-317-5


B-24 Liberator in Action

Aircraft No. 80
Larry Davis
1987 Squadron/Signal, 57p., SC
ISBN: 0-89747-190-3


B-25 Mitchel in Action

Aircraft No. 34
Ernest McDowell
1978 Squadron/Signal, 49p., SC
ISBN: 0-89747-033-8


B-26 Marauder  in Action

Aircraft No. 50
Steve Birdsall
1984 Squadron/Signal, 49p., SC
ISBN: 0-89747-119-9


A-26 Invader in Action

Aircraft No. 134
Jim Mesko
1993 Squadron/Signal, 50p., SC
ISBN: 0-89747-296-9


Walk Around P-40 Warhawk

Walk Around Number 8
Lou Drendel
1996 Squadron/Signal, 80p., SC
ISBN: 0-89747-361-2


Walk Around P-47 Thunderbolt

Walk Around Number 11
Lou Drendel
1997 Squadron/Signal, 80p., SC
ISBN: 0-89747-375-2


Walk Around P-51 D

Walk Around Number 7
Larry Davis
1996 Squadron/Signal, 80p., SC
ISBN: 0-89747-360-4


Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress

Aero Detail 19
Shigeru Nohara, Nobuhiko Okazaki & Masato Tanaka
1997 Dai Nippon Kaiga, 95p., SC
ISBN: 4-499-22669-4


Air Force Colors

Volume 1 1926-1942
Dana Bell
1995 Squadron/Signal, 95p., SC
ISBN: 0-89747-091-5


Air Force Colors

Volume 2 ETO & MTO 1942-1945
Dana Bell
1995 Squadron/Signal, 96p., SC
ISBN: 0-89747-108-3


Air Force Colors

Volume 3 Pacific and Home Front, 1942-47
Dana Bell
1997 Squadron/Signal, 95p., SC
ISBN: 0-89747-376-0



Aces against Germany

The American Aces Speak
Eric Hammel
1995 Pocket, 367p., SC
ISBN: 0-671-52907-2


Mustang Aces of the Eighth Air Force

Osprey Aircraft of the Aces 1
Jerry Scutts
1995 Osprey, 96p., SC
ISBN: 1-85532-447-4


Mustang Aces of the Ninth & Fifteenth Air Forces & the RAF

Osprey Aircraft of the Aces 7
Jerry Scutts
1995 Osprey, 96p., SC
ISBN: 1-85532-583-7


Aces of the Eighth

Gene Stafford
1973 Squadron/Signal, 63p., SC
ISBN: 0-89747-055-9


The Great Book of World War II Airplanes

Originally 12 separate volumes

1984 Bonanza, 632p., HC (very fine quality), DJ
ISBN: 0-517-45993-0



The Mighty Eighth

A History of the Units, Men and Machines of the US 8th Air Force
Roger Freeman
1995 Motorbooks, 311p., HC, DJ
ISBN: 0-87938-638-X


The Mighty Eighth

War Diary
Roger Freeman
1993 Motorbooks, 508p., HC, DJ
ISBN: 0-87938-405-6


The Mighty Eighth

War Manual
Roger Freeman
1993 Motorbooks, 320p., HC, DJ
ISBN: 0-87938-513-8


Escort to Berlin

The 4th Fighter Group in World War II
Garry Fry & Jeff Ethell
1980 Arco, 226p., HC (Cloth), DJ
ISBN: 0-668-04768-2


B-26 Marauder Units of the Eighth and Ninth Air Forces

Osprey Combat Aircraft 2
Jerry Scutts
1997 Osprey, 96p., SC
ISBN: 1-85532-637-X



Air War Europa

America's Air War Against Germany in Europe and North Africa 1942-1945
Eric Hammel
1994 Pacifica, 571p., HC, DJ
ISBN: 0-935553-07-X


Wrong Place! Wrong Time!

The 305th Bomb Group & the 2nd Schweinfurt raid October 14, 1943
George Kuhl
1993 Schiffer, 304p., HC, DJ
ISBN: 0-88740-445-6


German Jets versus the US Army Air Force

Battle for the Skies over Europe
William Hess
1996 Specialty Press, 175p., HC+, DJ
ISBN: 0-933424-63-9


Big Week

The classic story of the crucial air battle of WWII
Glenn Infield
1993 Brassey's, 125p., HC, DJ
ISBN: 0-02-881068-6




The Personal story of the greatest test pilot of all
Chuck Yeager & Leo Janos
1986 Arrow, 448p., SC
ISBN: 0-09-947040-3


Over Lord

General Pete Quesada and the Triumph of Tactical Air Power in World War II
Thomas Hughes
1995 Free Press, 380p., HC, DJ
ISBN: 0--02-915351-4

(not read as of 02-03-98)


Various (incl. AF in PTO)

B-29 Superfortress in Action

Aircraft No. 165
Larry Davis
1997 Squadron/Signal, 57p., SC
ISBN: 0-89747-370-1


Air Force Colors

Volume 3 Pacific and Home Front, 1942-1947
Dana Bell
1997 Squadron/Signal, 95p., SC
ISBN: 0-89747-376-0


P-38 Lightning Aces of the Pacific and CBI

Osprey Aircraft of the Aces 14
John Stanaway
1997 Osprey, 96p., SC
ISBN: 1-85532-633-7


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