The F4F in WW II
Barrett Tillman
1990 Naval Institute, 223p., HC (Cloth), DJ
ISBN: 0-0-87021-789-5



The F4U in World War II and Korea
Barrett Tillman
1979 Naval Institute, 218p., HC (Cloth), DJ
ISBN: 0-0-87021-131-5



The F6F in World War II
Barrett Tillman
1969 Naval Institute, 265p., HC (Cloth), DJ
ISBN: 0-0-87021-265-6


F2A Buffalo in Action

Aircraft No. 81
Jim Maas
1987 Squadron/Signal, 49p., SC
ISBN: 0-89747-196-2


F4F Wildcat in Action

Aircraft No. 84
Don Linn
1988 Squadron/Signal, 49p., SC
ISBN: 0-89747-200-4


F4U Corsair in Action

Aircraft No. 145
Jim Sullivan
1987 Squadron/Signal, 58p., SC
ISBN: 0-89747-318-3


F6F Hellcat in Action

Aircraft No. 36
Jim Sullivan
1979 Squadron/Signal, 49p., SC
ISBN: 0-89747-088-5


SBD Dauntless in Action

Aircraft No. 64
Rob Stern
1984 Squadron/Signal, 49p., SC
ISBN: 0-89747-153-9


TBM/TBF Avenger in Action

Aircraft No. 82
Charles Scrivner
1987 Squadron/Signal, 49p., SC
ISBN: 0-89747-197-0


SB2C Helldiver in Action

Aircraft No. 54
Robert Stern
1982 Squadron/Signal, 49p., SC
ISBN: 0-89747-128-8


PBY Catalina in Action

Aircraft No. 62
W. E. Scarborough
1983 Squadron/Signal, 50p., SC
ISBN: 0-89747-149-0


The Great Book of World War II Airplanes

Originally 12 separate volumes

1984 Bonanza, 632p., HC (very fine quality), DJ
ISBN: 0-517-45993-0



Aces against Japan

The American Aces Speak
Eric Hammel
1995 Pocket, 356p., SC
ISBN: 0-671-52908-0


Wildcat Aces of World War 2

Osprey Aircraft of the Aces 3
Barrett Tillman
1995 Osprey, 96p., SC
ISBN: 1-85532-486-5


Corsair Aces of World War 2

Osprey Aircraft of the Aces 8
Mark Styling
1995 Osprey, 96p., SC
ISBN: 1-85532-530-6


Hellcat Aces of World War 2

Osprey Aircraft of the Aces 10
Barrett Tillman
1996 Osprey, 96p., SC
ISBN: 1-85532-596-9



The First Team

Pacific Naval Air Combat from Pearl harbour to Midway
John Lundstrom
1990 Naval Institute, 547p., HC (Cloth), DJ
ISBN: 0-87021-189-7


The First Team and the Guadalcanal Campaign

Naval Fighter Combat from August to November 1942
John Lundstrom
1994 Naval Institute, 626p., HC, DJ
ISBN: 0-55750-526-8


Red Sun Setting

The Battle of the Philippine Sea
William Y'Blood
1981 Naval Institute, 257p., HC (Cloth), DJ
ISBN: 0-87021-532-9


The Cactus Air Force

Thomas Miller
1990 Admiral Nimitz Foundation, 242p., HC (Cloth), DJ
ISBN: not given



Baa Baa Black Sheep

"Pappy" Boyington
Gregory Boyington
1958 Putnam, 384p., HC (Cloth), DJ
ISBN: not given

Note: Baa Baa Black Sheep is much more then a biography of a Marine Corps fighter pilot, its the story of a man's lonely struggle against himself and his Alcoholism, as such its a great book...


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